I like to think photography can bring about change which is ironic given that a photograph is an image that will remain unchanged everlong. The image is frozen but the mind-evolving visual narrative ignites and takes the observer to an enlightened viewpoint that will help them make sense of the world by understanding the world within the image. Making sense of the world, behaviour, ego, meaning… in addition to attributes of altruism, benevolence, understanding and tolerance will make for better dwellings in head and habitat. Images that carry an inherent efficaciousness are harder to come by in subtler forms and it is the less obvious I strive to capture.

Sometimes a photograph will carry nothing more than amusement, pulchritude or indifference for it means no more and nor should it.

The degree to which an image needs to be understood and whether it evokes growth or nonchalance depends on your sense of meaning, your receptivity to the language of photography and your broad and open-mindedness.


Psychokinesis from the Greek ψυχή, ‘psyche’, meaning mind, soul, heart, or breath; and κίνησις, ‘kinesis’, meaning motion, movement; literally ‘mind-movement’.

I believe psychokinesis can be used in an alternative way to its better known definition: to move one’s mind to a different way of thinking. By projecting a thought we can begin the process of bringing about potentially beneficial change via the suggestion of a new viewpoint. Photography has a powerful yet, physically, silent disposition and this allows the new view to eddy in the viewer’s mind, in a tidal manner, ensuring the new view is absorbed at a pace manageable to the individual; new thinking cannot be forced.

Documenting behaviour (some of which reflects our behaviour and not that of the subject) is how I endeavour to assist in the procurement of understanding and tolerance and, subsequently, peace for all.


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